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If you would like me to come and visit your school, please contact me by email.

I also work with Norfolk Education Library Service. If your school is signed up, then you can book me through them.

Click on the link for details. http://www.susannahleigh.com/Susannah Leigh Flyer.pdf

I bring lots of original artwork to look at, talk about how I make the Puzzle books - and show all of my mistakes!

A typical day might look like this:

I spend up to an hour with each class (half an hour for reception) so it often works out that I see one before break, one after and then two after lunch. (I do cart quite a lot of books around so a five-minute movement break between rooms is helpful.) In terms of my set-up - it's all very low-tech. I just need a space to stick up some A3 pictures - so an A-frame or whiteboard is ideal.
I start off by having the children help me with some story ideas.  I show lots of pictures, (and my terrible mistakes. We don't get things right the first time!). There's a maze race, and a chance to ask questions and then in smaller groups the class can tackle some of my puzzle books together (they are often very pleased to tell me they are too easy!) We draw amazing mazes, so pens and paper available - nothing you won't already have. If it's a small group we would spend longer on our story and maze drawing, and with a larger group, I am a bit more efficient.

With the older classes, I also talk about collaborative writing and we think about different ways a book might be written. All the children are Authors and Illustrators and the teachers are Editors.

It's all very fluid. If things are starting to get jiffly with the younger ones we move on to doing and drawing quite swiftly!

I try to mention in my sessions something the children might have been looking at in class (eg book blurbs/covers/a particular topic) so let me know if there is anything you would especially like me to reference.

I am happy to travel anywhere in Norfolk and Suffolk.


   Cringleford School's

                                                                                           A-maze-ing mazes