Fun, challenging adventures for younger readers with a picture puzzle to solve on every double page.

Adventures in puzzle worldPuzzle castlePuzzle dungeonPuzzle islandPuzzle oceanPuzzle planetPuzzle townPuzzle ChristmasPuzzle farmPuzzle junglePuzzle palacePuzzle pyramidPuzzle trainPuzzle dinosaursPuzzle holidayPuzzle mountainPuzzle piratesPuzzle school


For even younger readers... 


Uncle Pete the pirate Uncle Pete's pirate adventure

Each story in this charmingly illustrated series has picture puzzles threaded through it, to involve the reader in the action. 

Mary's Uncle Pete is a pirate, living a swashbuckling life on the high seas. But how many scrapes can he manage to get out of?



For slightly older readers....


Thrilling adventure stories packed with entertaining puzzles to solve.

With clues throughout and puzzle answers at the back of the book.
An engaging read which is also perfect for reluctant readers.

 Journey to the Lost Temple

When an ancient mask is stolen, Jack and Em join ace explorer Wanda Pharr to recover it. Will they succeed?

  Journey to the Lost Temple 


The Haunted Tower

A trip to Spectre's Isle and its spooky tower embroil Charlie, Nic and Ali into a perilous plot and a quest for phantom treasure.

 The Haunted Tower 


Puzzles AND Stickers. What could be better?



AND SSHHH...I have been playing at fairies, with two books in the Fairy Animals of Misty Wood series, published by Egmont. Misty Wood is a very magical place - so magical that all the animals who live there fly like fairies, and every animal has a different pair of fairy wings!


Check out the Co-op Green Schools Revolution website.

Perhaps your school has already signed up? There are activities to download at home. I did the puzzles, so I hope you like them! I am especially fond of Wizz the bee.