I was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to England with my family when I was eight. 

At first we lived with my grandparents in South London. It was very difficult for me, a new girl at a new school in a brand new country. I spoke differently and I wrote differently. You spell things differently in England! (It's 'colour' not 'color', 'neighbour' not neighbor' I had to remind myself). But then I moved to a little primary school in St Albans called St Michaels and I loved it. There was a classroom at the top of the road and a classroom at the bottom of the road and we had to walk up and down, past the park with the ducks. Our playground was a paddock. My best friend was called Rachel, but we lost touch when we went to different secondary schools. 

My favourite (not favorite!) subject at school was English. I loved reading books by Edward Eager (Half Magic), Enid Blyton (especially Mallory Towers and The Faraway Tree stories) and Ruby Ferguson (Jill pony books). My favourite book was KM Peyton's Fly By Night which tells the story of a girl from an ordinary house who buys a neglected pony at a fair.

My first proper job (apart from waitressing, working in a library and selling sewing kits and Christmas cards in Australia) was with Usborne Publishing. I worked as an editor and a writer. When I left London to live in Norwich I carried on writing for Usborne. One day I was walking in Norwich and I saw someone walking towards me who I thought I recognised. It was Rachel, my best friend from primary school! I hadn't seen her for years and years and now here she was. She had moved to Norwich too! Wasn't that a nice surprise?

The first book I wrote was The Haunted Tower. The first Young Puzzle Book I wrote was Puzzle Island. I am very lucky to have such a talented illustrator, Brenda Haw, to help me with all her lovely pictures.

I love all my books but I think my favourites are probably Puzzle Planet because I like the characters, and Puzzle Pyramid because I like the way the story turned out.

Now I live in the Norfolk countryside with my family. I have three children - two boys and a girl, a blue whippet called Rio and two guinea pigs called Pippi and Precious.


                                                                                                  Rio, relaxing.